Breaking through the ceiling

She tried desperately to rise above the confines of her proverbial ceiling – to break through to the next level. She banged against it, cajoled it, tried to set it on fire. She then pretended it didn’t exist, only to find she kept hitting her head on it. Finally, in despair and resignation she sank to the ground. Despair was suffocating. She gasped, short of breath, and rising quickly ran to the door to get some fresh air. One step outside the door she was awestruck by the wide open, unlimited, expansively beautiful sky. Freedom was one step away. The room was an illusion; the possibilities infinite. What is your room? Is there a ceiling? Where’s the door? What’s binding you? Unnecessary obligations? Self-inflicted emotional wounds? Negative thinking? What chains do you support through limiting beliefs? How badly do you want to fly free? There is no past. It’s time to open new doors and new wings. The journey is never-ending – the possibilities infinite. If you’d like to open new doors and fly, download a free copy of my limiting beliefs worksheet at


To Hold Together or Fly

“How can I hold it together?”, he asked. The answer came on a whisper: “You can’t.” There’s nothing to hold together. Everything is expanding. It’s a time of transformation. Everything moves. You move. You smile, you breathe, you do what comes next with faith. You’ll float through stronger and wiser. Smile and you’ll find joy. Laugh and you’ll fly.

Diversity Adds Understanding and Awareness

Cultural differences mean different ways of doing business. How can we create global business relationships that work seamlessly? By learning to relate on a deeper level – a communication at the level where our essential natures meet. This is where each of us understands our own and the other’s definitions of ethical business practices and can agree to them.

We need to revert to the kind of agreement that was once sealed with an honest handshake, or with the mixing of blood in some cultures. It would be a binding agreement based upon understanding and honor. This deepened understanding of each other would also help us to make better teammates.

I find it fascinating that doing business globally is forcing us to evaluate our own ethics and business practices and better understand those of other cultures. We can then work together without judgment and full knowledge of what each of us believes – learning new ways of doing business, as well. This could help us to move to a place of global understanding and refinement in business and in life.


April 4, 2008

I teach mediation and people say to me, “I can’t meditate. I sit and all I do is get carried away with my thoughts.” Of course you do. Do you expect to sit down for the first time and “get it?” It’s like saying, “I haven’t brushed my teeth in 50 years, and I brushed for five minutes and my breath still stinks.” You sit and meditate because all you do is get carried away with your thoughts.

Meditation can be very elaborate, involving ritual activities and tools. Or, it can be very simple. To begin just focus on one thing: your breath, a chant, a flower, a flame, an sunset. Focus only on the object or your breath and try not to get caught up in your thoughts. At first you’ll probably focus for a second and then end up thinking about something else. So, stop and focus again. You think about your mother. Stop and focus again. You think about work. But, as you continue to practice you will begin to notice when you’re carried away and have some control over it. Soon you’re able to focus for 2 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, more. And, it keeps getting better.

Huge change may not happen overnight, but you will notice a change in yourself and your life when you meditate. It’s best to meditate everyday. Like doing exercise, when your body gets weak if you let up, your mind control will get weak and the mind will get cluttered if  you don’t meditate regularly. But soon you’ll notice that your life is moving more smoothly. You’re handling stress better. You’ll probably even feel better. You’ll accomplish more . . . Isn’t that worth 10 minutes a day?

The Power of An Objective Glance

I love coaching others to help them to transition to a better life. I give insightful information and techniques to promote change during a session. but I don’t try to fix someone. And, I only give information if it’s requested. It wasn’t always this way.

I used to believe that constructive criticism of others was helpful. It isn’t. Criticism, no matter how well intended or padded hits like a dagger and causes damage, not productive change. Still, even having learned this information I found myself habitually shooting verbal darts at people. I was shocked at the damage I was doing and committed to change. It’s a process that I’m continually refining. Here are some techniques I’m using:

1. Practice objective observation of others. Avoid having opinions. Remember, I don’t really know why others do what they do. And, it’s none of my business.
2. Be on vigilant watch for judgmental thoughts concerning myself and other people, and drop them.
3. When I feel the need to say something “insightful” and unsolicited, pause and focus on my breath. Look within to see what I need to learn from the situation. Do I exhibit the same behavior that I want to comment on? Accept myself, have respect for the other person and pull back.
4. Create strong energetic boundaries around me and focus on staying within them.
5. Know that the other person has a specific lesson to learn and journey to take. Don’t interfere. Embody respect.

While practicing all of the above I still notice the behavior of the other person. When I am accomplishing the above, I am an objective, non-judgmental observer. I’m making something obvious to both of us, and being OK with the behavior. The other person is made aware of the behavior without feeling judged. He or she can then decide what to do with it. In this atmosphere of objectivity the other person is able to change if he or she chooses. There is no need to argue or resist the observation. There is nothing to resist when there is no criticism of it. The path is clear for growth and change, or for self-acceptance if change is not desired.

Relations are intact, boundaries are maintained, and mutual respect creates a bond. Both people learn and move on.

An Everyday Miracle

“Ask and you shall receive.” I did and I did. It’s Monday and I’m in Utah skiing with my daughter and son-in-law for 4 days. Unfortunately they both have to work on Tuesday, and I don’t feel like skiing alone right now. I really want to ski with someone tomorrow. So, last night I asked for someone to show up who I’d enjoy being/skiing with. I also emailed a friend in Atlanta with some information about my brother’s website: I mentioned that I was in Utah. She just called me from the slopes at the Canyons (in Utah). She and her husband are here with friends and we’re getting together tomorrow. Miracles happen daily if we just ask. So happy!!!!

Is It A Sign

Has this happened to you? You have a question on your mind, or perhaps you’ve even asked it out loud. You need an answer and haven’t been able to see your way. Suddenly you see a billboard that somehow speaks to you, or a stranger makes an unsolicited comment that seems to hold profound meaning.

Or, maybe you haven’t asked, but you’re continually seeing “1111” on clocks, mailboxes or other digital devices. Is this something that you should take note of?
However it is that you see something, or hear something that makes you take notice, should you believe it? Is it a sign or merely a projection of your mind? Is this information your real truth? How can you tell?
1. Trust that information can come to you this way. We do get communication and insights – signs –  from our essential selves or guidance from a higher source. Often the mind wants to discount the information as a coincidence or as unfounded.
2. Notice how you feel when you see or hear it. Does a “hush” come over you? Do you feel a profound momentary stillness? Does it feel important, or are you just thinking it? If time seems to stop for a split second it’s a sign. Take note.
3. Are you getting the same message or signal over and over? If you are it is real. Pay attention to it.

Real information is being fed to us. If we pay attention and follow the signs we move in the right direction and are given insight to make the correct choices. The more we pay attention, the more information we get. Don’t be fooled by your mind playing tricks on you. Do honor real information and follow the signs, and you’ll be guided along the path of success.